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Restarting A Hydraulic System That Has Been Repaired After A Failure.

Important questions to ask and answer before restarting a repaired system.

Has the cause of the failure been identified and repaired? If NO, investigate further. Too often components are replaced without really identifying the cause, thus another failure is almost assured.

Could contaminants have entered the system when it failed or during repairs?

If YES, clean and flush the system thoroughly. This too is a reason for repeated failures. It doesnít take much to damage hydraulic system components.

Is the replaced component right for the system?

If NO, replace with proper component. Many times components that look OK are in fact, not the right part.

Have all the connections been double -checked for tightness and correctness of connection?

If NO, recheck and correct. Who needs leaks?

Are all electrical connections tight and without bare spots on the insulation, and are they correctly labeled and connected?

If NO, make necessary adjustments.

Is the hydraulic reservoir full?

If NO, fill to recommended level.

Is the valve open to the suction port of the hydraulic pump?

If NO, be sure to open.

Is the machine in neutral or a safe start-up mode?

If NO, take care to set machine to be safe for start up.

Are bystanders and coworkers in a safe position for starting the system? If NO, clear the machine area, then start the system.